Seminars & Team building

Seminars & Team building

Discover our customized events to enrich your seminars, incentives, and team building. At Riv Events, strengthen teamwork, reward performance, and stimulate innovation. Exceptional experiences for memorable moments!

List of leisure and sports activities

At Riv Events, we exceed expectations to deliver exceptional experiences dedicated to incentives and team building on the sublime French Riviera. Immerse yourself in luxury, charm, and adventure while discovering a range of meticulously designed activities to enhance team cohesion and stimulate your team’s creativity.

Natural Adventures

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Unite your team in the heart of nature with canyoning escapades, mountain hikes, bike rides through vineyards, and outdoor cooking sessions. The French Riviera becomes the ideal playground for memorable adventures and moments of authentic connection.

Bursts of Adventure

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Ignite teamwork with jet skiing, paddleboarding, surfing, and sea kayaking activities. The Mediterranean Sea becomes your playground, where adrenaline and collaboration meet the waves.

Sport and Relaxation

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Forge strong bonds through various sports competitions, whether tennis, skiing, or stand-up paddleboarding. Riv Events offers activities suitable for all levels, fostering teamwork and collective relaxation.

Nautical Elegance

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Sail to success in style aboard our catamarans, helicopters, or yachts. Whether team building sessions on crystal-clear waters or luxurious relaxation moments, discover your team’s untapped potential with Riv Events.


Roll on the Riviera

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Stimulate teamwork by traveling the iconic roads during our vintage car tours, karting sessions, or 2CV rallies. Experience the excitement of speed and discovery in the heart of the French Riviera, forging strong bonds among your team members.

Culinary Creativity:

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Encourage innovation and collaboration during our outdoor cooking workshops. Creating delicious dishes with local ingredients becomes a savory metaphor for cooperation and diversity within your team.


At Riv Events, every moment becomes a celebration of your team’s success on the French Riviera. Let us be the architects of your incentives and team-building program, creating a customized experience that will be etched in your team’s memories forever.

Riv Events – Where every moment becomes an opportunity to strengthen your team on the splendid Côte d’Azur.

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